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Hi! Welcome to my site! My name is Brianna or Bri

I started photography my senior year of high school when I was designing the yearbook. I had way too much fun using the press pass to take photos at every game and school life back in 2010. From there, I took film and photo classes in college getting to work in the darkroom and learning how to edit in Adobe.

I would bring my Nikon with me when we would go surfing, gave me a good excuse to get out of the water when I was nervous there was a shark nearby. My friends would receive photos of them surfing and I had a blast editing after a surf trip.

I am based in sunny, South Florida with my fiancé Blake. You can catch me riding my bike down to the beach or already in the water with my surfboard, which is where I began to discover my passion for photographing people. Seeing people's faces light up as I create work for them is the best part of my job.

Here I focus on weddings and milestones. Let me know what you're interested in and we can work together to create something magical.

Let's collaborate!

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